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04 November 2010 @ 12:29 pm
Ah, Christmas Music, how I love thee  
 It is never officially Christmas until you hear Mannheim Steamroller on the radio. So it is officially Christmas.

Well, in a way. See, here in Springfield, Star 92.9 is refusing to play Christmas music until the 22nd in response to the complaints from last year when they started a couple days before Halloween.

I love Christmas music, and I love it when soft rock stations play 24/7 Christmas music, but even I think any time before midnight Halloween night is too early for Christmas music.

However, come 12am November 1st, I'm gonna be expecting Christmas music. So, Star 92.9 has lost a listener to Kansas City's Star 102.1, who already have switched over, and KUDL 98.1 (who have a separate all-Christmas stream on their website) However, as I'm in Springfield, I'm not actually listening on the radio but on the Internet. But it counts.

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