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08 December 2009 @ 12:00 pm
Wherein My Mother is Belle and My Father is Timothy Dalton  
I'm actually posting this late on December 12, but I'm dating it for the day I wrote this.

Click the cut for a detailed description of the best dream I've ever had (and yes, it's perfectly family friendly).


Best. Dream. EVER.

Common Belief: Don’t look at pictures or videos too late at night or right before bed, unless you want to have very weird dreams.

I’ve subscribed to this common belief for quite some time, though I rarely follow its advice. But what I am about to lay before you will explain why I am in future going to continue ignoring the advice laid out above.

I had a really interesting, cool dream last night. It started out the way all my dreams do--following a strange flow of consciousness from one idea to another, with no real rhyme or reason. It involved a mall, babies and kids, a woman falling for some unctuous guy, and it was... weird, to say the least. At one point, the dream involved my being crammed into a tiny glass elevator with another person so that I couldn’t move an inch. But because of the all weirdness, the details have flown away. I tend to remember the dreams that have a "plot" more than the ones that make little to no sense.

My “Dream World” city came back in this dream, with several new locations, but my dream mind knew them as familiar. A big, strangely-built black office building was there, and basically the architecture surrounding me was just the all-around wonky “modern art” style of building (think Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A.) that tends to pervade my dream world. The name often attached to this particular city in my dream world is Reno, but this time it was Las Vegas (only in name).

After all the morphing and strangeness going on, my dream self settled into what felt like a Lifetime Movie. My dream mother looked like the Belle face character from Disneyland. I had at least one sibling, possibly more; can’t really remember them.

My dream mother was having an affair with a guy I kept shouting and cussing at; my nickname for him seemed to be, and only appropriately, “The Beast.” At one point the guy looked somewhat like Joseph Paur (an actor most, if not all, of you wouldn’t know of).

Anyway, my dream knowledge told me my dream father was away on some kind of business, possibly in another country. I kept protesting my mother’s affair every inch of the way, getting right up in her face about it. My dream self felt a very strong love and loyalty to this man who was my father, who I hadn’t even seen yet in this dream. It was a feeling I’ve never truly felt before; it was extremely intense.

So the dream flowed on, and suddenly I was looking out the window (the house was rather nondescript up to now), and I saw a black sedan pull up to the house. My dream self knew immediately that it was my dream father.

I rushed out, the excitement and love filling my being with a strength of emotion I have never felt before.

When I got outside, I took note that the weather was crisp; leaves were on the ground, the trees were bare. It was definitely late, late autumn, possibly early winter.

The back right door of the sedan opened, and my dream father climbed out.... And it was Timothy Dalton! Of course, in my dream state, I only knew this man as my father.

He was wearing a thick black wool coat with a big, wide collar turned up and nice big pockets on the front. (like this: http://tinyurl.com/ycarbar )

I rushed to him. He’d barely closed his door when I grabbed him into a big, tight bear hug, crying out “Daddy!” with extreme joy and love. I can still feel the scratchiness of the coat on my cheek.

When we went inside, the house was practically a mansion/castle. It was huge and grandly adorned (think Richie Rich’s mansion in the live-action movie).

Just to make more solid the image that I’m about to describe, remember that my father is (looks like) Timothy Dalton.

I have a very vivid image of my father standing in the huge room, minus the coat, wearing black suit pants and a powder blue dress shirt, looking about the room, his hands in his pockets; this tall, imposing, cool and calm figure cutting a grand line in front of the huge red plush furniture and dark mahogany tables and golden detailing and crystal chandeliers in the large living hall.

And a fear and determination stole into me. Surely with my father home, my mother would see reason and tell “The Beast” goodbye for good!

I was suddenly on a wooden balcony or deck, about a story and a half up, looking down at my mother and “The Beast” talking at the tree nearby. I called down, letting my mother know my father was home. I felt smug, assured that she would fess up and be done with this sordid business.

Suddenly, I was in the garage. It was huge. The door was up, a truck backed up to it. There were stacks of boxes and other things already in the area, looking in its enormity closer to a warehouse than just a garage.

Then the dream cut to me standing alongside several workers as various statues and other odd things were rolled in on dollies. There was something to do with Christmas presents, but I can’t really remember the specifics of that part.

And then the dream veered to far left field. I was outside near an open-bed pickup with wooden slat sides. I’m very vague on this part of the dream, possibly because it wasn’t in any way connected to the events that had been playing out in the dream. I recall my father digging through a handful of coins and finding some kind of coin-sized medal. It was some kind of craft award from 1962 that this old lady who was suddenly near us had won... The details are already slipping away from me because of the out-of-context elements of this part of the dream.

Then I was back in the garage. I peered out the threshold of the door and saw my mother getting into the sedan with “The Beast.”

My father, back in the thick black wool coat, was standing nearby watching, saying nothing.

The chill of the air invaded every pore of my body.

Then my father turned and leaned his forehead against the garage frame. I could see the emotion welling on his face, and I knew: she was leaving and not coming back.

He pushed away and stalked into a side room of the garage. I tentatively followed, the love for this man, the loyalty, worry, dread, sadness that I was feeling... all of it overwhelming me.

I walked into the little side room. His back was toward me. As I approached, he could feel my presence. He turned to me.

His eyes glittered, tears escaping down his cheeks, his face red and scrunched with sorrow. The sorrow, loneliness, love--it exuded from him.

He knelt down, his arms spread, and I knelt to let him pull me into a tight embrace. His body shook as he let the tears flow. I can feel the warmth of the wool surrounding me, his big strong arms an intense, extremely real feeling.

The comfort I felt in that warm embrace was overwhelming. The love and loyalty I felt for this man was amazing, magnificent!

My alarm went off. But I was so safe in this embrace that I let the alarm song run its course. It was at least another five minutes before I was finally able to give up the feeling and gave in to my consciousness as it surfaced into full wakefulness, the feel of that embrace so real that I would have sworn that it had really happened if I didn’t know that I was waking from a dream.

My conclusion?

Maybe, just maybe... you should look at pictures and videos late at night before bed, pictures and videos that you would like to pervade your dreams.

Because maybe you’ll end up having a really, really amazing dream!
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pierceurlipz on December 14th, 2009 02:57 am (UTC)
I've had similar dreams lately that were brought on by NyQuil. The MOST memorable one being the one that I was overjoyed at getting a check for $14,000!
tina_als_girltina_als_girl on December 14th, 2009 04:44 am (UTC)
Now, THAT would be an awesome dream. Would definitely have been nice to get a check like that before having to get student loans to pay for college. LOL